World Stem Cells Second Participant in ICMS Stem Cell Clinic Accreditation Program

MAY 10, 2011. PORTLAND, OREGON – The International Cellular Medicine Society (ICMS) announced today the second participating clinic in its Stem Cell Clinic Accreditation Program.  Formal contracts have been signed by World Stem Cells, LLC (WSC) on behalf of its exclusive contract clinic, Advanced Cellular Medicine Clinic in Cancun, Mexico.

These contracts attest that WSC will provide the utmost level of transparency in regards to its clinical and medical practices. All treatment processes, patient informed consent protocols, and patient candidacy documentation will be reviewed by the institutional review board of the ICMS.  The clinic’s cell collection, processing, and implantation practices will all be examined for compliance with the ICMS Best Practice Guidelines. Additionally, all patients treated with stem cells by WSC will be entered into the ICMS Treatment Registry for outcome and complication tracking.  If, at the end of this rigorous 18 month program, the clinic passes all compliance measures, lab audits, and reporting standards, WSC will receive full accreditation from the ICMS.

“We at World Stem Cells, LLC are very pleased to take the steps necessary to formally engage with the ICMS, in the accreditation program.  We have submitted prior patients into the registry, having recognized the need for transparency, from the onset of our clinic treatments. Our state of the art laboratory and the association with Amerimed hospitals gives us unique opportunities to excel in stem cell treatments,” says Dr. Alan Kadish, President of WSC.

Dra. Sylvia Abblitt, the Medical and Laboratory Director of Advanced Cellular Medical Clinic shares the same enthusiasm.   “Our expansion and engagement with ICMS is a groundbreaking event for Mexican involvement in international stem cell therapeutics,” said Dra. Abblitt. “Our years of experience will be well represented within the registry.”

World Stem Cells has its contracted clinical facility Advanced Cellular Medicine Clinic in the heart of the medical district of Cancun.  The clinic provides quality stem cell therapies including the use of bone marrow, cord and adipose for harvesting of stem cells. Advanced Cellular Medicine’s medical team of exclusively board certified specialists provides specific stem cell therapeutics for a number of well-researched disorders.

A full explanation of the ICMS Accreditation program can be found HERE.