ICMS Brand Guidelines

Guidelines for the ICMS Brand

ICMS logo, trademarks, name and taglines are all part of the Society’s intellectual property and comprise one of the most valuable assets, the ICMS Brand. In order to protect the ICMS corporate brand identity, it is essential that all representations of the ICMS Brand be truthful, fair, not misleading and in compliance with these guidelines.

Intended Audience

These guidelines are universal and apply to ICMS employees, ICMS institutional and professional members, clinic members, vendors, affiliates and the general public. Use of ICMS trademarks constitutes acceptance of these guidelines.


Guidelines for the Usage of the ICMS Brand

Prior Written is Permission is required for any usage of the ICMS logo, name and/or brand.

Written permission must be obtained from the ICMS prior to the use of the ICMS Brand. Written requests should be submitted to ICMS either by mail at

ICMS, 1500 San Juan Hills Dr. #102, Las Vegas, Nevada, 89134, or

email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Please note the following rules when applying these Guidelines:

Unlicensed use of ICMS logo, brand or name is not permitted


Professional members:

May place the ICMS professional membership logo on their personal websites

May not display the ICMS professional logo on any commercial site promoting cell-based medical therapies or treatments

May not display the ICMS professional logo in any method or fashion that imply, rightly or wrongly, any form of ICMS accreditation

Only professional members in good standing may use the ICMS Professional Member logo


Only fully accredited clinics in good standing may use the ICMS Accredited logo on any letterhead, advertisement, general business correspondence and on their web sites

Use of ICMS logo, brand or name is not permitted on any product or package.

ICMS logo, brand or name may not be incorporated into product names, service names, domain names, trademarks, logos or company name. Logos that are confusingly similar to those of the ICMS should not be adopted.

The ICMS may suspend or terminate, at any time, at its sole discretion, the use of the ICMS brand, logo or trademark.

The ICMS disclaims all liability to any license, their claims, customers and any third-parties, relating to the use of the ICMS logos, or the goods or services provided by a licensee. Any licensee agrees to indemnify, defend and hold ICMS harmless from any and all costs, damages, expenses or losses of any nature (including reasonable attorney fees) resulting from any claim arising out of licensee use of the ICMS logos to the full extent allowed by the law.

The ICMS brand, logos or name may not be modified in any way.

The use of the ICMS brand, logo or name are expressly prohibited by any corporate entity or individual to imply association, accreditation and/or endorsement by the ICMS.

Failure to uphold these guidelines and/or unauthorized use of the ICMS brand, logo or name may result in removal from the ICMS, revocation of accreditation by the ICMS and/other actions as deemed appropriate by the ICMS.