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The ICMS is a physician and scientist run organization that depends on its members to provide insight, vision and expertise in helping the Society to maintain its position as the pre-eminent, independent association for the advancement of safe and effective stem cell  therapies.

ICMS Board of Directors

Comprised of physicians, patients and researchers, this board provides fuduciary oversight to the ICMS, sets the strategic mission of the Society and approves governing policies and procedures of the organization.

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ICMS Medical Advisory Board

Comprised of physicians and researchers from a variety of major academic institutions, this board provides a leadership role in the continuous development of ICMS clinical guidelines, practice standards, and adjudication protocols for cell based medical therapies.

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ICMS Institutional Review Board (IRB)

This OHRP sanctioned board is comprised of physicians, researchers and community members that has been formally designated to approve, monitor, and review clinical studies and research involving humans with the aim to protect the rights and welfare of the research subjects.

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ICMS Advisory Councils

Comprised of physicians and scientists, these councils continually define the best practices standards for the ICMS. The ICMS is currently recruiting for the following advisory councils:

Clinic Accreditation Council

Made of up ICMS member physicians and researchers, this ICMS Advisory Council provides leadership and oversight in the processes by which the ICMS accredits stem cell clinics.

Protocol Evaluation & Clinic Translation Council

Comprised of a collection of experienced physicians and researchers, this Advisory Council works to evaluate new and nominative treatments and protocols that are currently in early stage development to determine the guidelines that should be used to determine their safety and outcome measures.

Treatment Registry Advisory Council

ICMS professional members provide leadership and insight into the processes by which the ICMS captures and analyzes the data collected from the Patient Treatment Registry.

Standards Development Council

This ICMS Advisory Council provides expertise in the development of international standards as they apply to the practice of stem cell medicine. These include standards for facility practices, clinical practices, and laboratory practices.


If you are interestsed in serving the ICMS on any of these councils or boards, JOIN THE ICMS. If you are already a member of the ICMS, click HERE to download the application.

To be selected as an advisory board member, individuals must be a member of the ICMS and affirm the mission and goals of the organization, fill out the attached application, provide a valid CV and be appointed by the Board of Directors of the ICMS. In addition, Advisory Board and Council Members must affirm that minimally culture expanded stem cells are 1). Part of the practice of medicine and used as part of a physician practice in one state and through the state practice of medicine, 2). Do not constitute the creation of a new biologic drug or product that would fall under any part of FDA regulation on new drugs or biologics and 3). Exempt from any US Food and Drug Administration regulations.